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Professional Torsion & Extension Spring Repair Services

A well-maintained garage includes occasional repairs and thorough inspections. As a garage owner, you should check the spring regularly in case of damages. It’s best to get a garage door spring repair once you see the coils start to loosen or the door panels don’t open and close properly. One of the most common issues in the garage is a broken garage door spring. 

This is where we come in. We offer our professional repair services to fix tension springs and torsion springs. Our services are available all days of the week, including the weekends. Our team uses springs that have high-quality steel. We guarantee at least 10,000 cycles and offer a warranty on service and parts. Our goal is to provide you with reliable service that repairs any spring from various brands and names in the market. 

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Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

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Your garage will give you various warning signs that you need to book for garage door spring repair. Once you experience these scenarios, give us a call.

  • The springs should be one piece.

When there are separated coils and portions in the cable rod, book a garage door spring replacement. Broken garage door springs can’t support the weight of the door.

  • The garage door lifts but doesn’t open all the way

Because there is a lack of force from broken springs, the door doesn’t open all the way towards the overhead tracks.

  • Heavy door panels

Heavy door panels indicate the lack of support from the springs. As the primary source of the force that lifts the panels, other parts will compensate for moving the door panels, resulting in heavier slabs.

  • Loose cables or damaged cables

Most of the time, damaged springs will result in damaged garage door cables in the short run. As the cable wears out from carrying the panels, damages will become more apparent in the cable drum.

Our Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Getting the right company to repair your spring is essential. The goal is to have long-lasting repairs to avoid potential injuries and damages in the garage. Companies that practice safety measures can help you lessen or prevent spring replacement costs by using only the best springs for the job.

Replacing Both Springs

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Most garages operate with a two-spring system garage door. It’s necessary to replace both springs even if only one has damage. With two new springs, you’re sure that both sides are in balance. If you don’t replace both springs, one of the springs will be stronger than the other (the old one will lose some tension) and this will make the garage door come off its track.

Using the Right Springs

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Using high-quality springs can last your garage door against frequent spring replacements for a long time. If you want to have high-cycle mechanisms that will last years, don’t use low-quality springs in your service.

Safety Inspection

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Inspection is essential to assess the condition of all parts in the garage. Some services will only guarantee the replacement; A good company cares and will check your garage for potential concerns. In this manner, you have some idea about the condition of your entire garage rather than getting surprises in a few months that another part needs repair.

Types of garage door springs

There are two main types of springs you can install and use for the garage.

Extension Spring

extension garage door spring

Extension springs use tension force to keep lift and lower the sectionals in the track. The tension springs stretch to give tension that helps the door panels move or stay in place.

Torsion Spring

Torsion Garage Door Spring

Torsion springs use torque and rotate about their axis to provide the force necessary to lift the door panels. Torsion springs are on top of the door frame.

Understanding Your Garage Door Springs

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Extension vs Torsion Springs, Which Is Better?

You may start to wonder about which spring is better for a garage. Torsion springs are generally better and safer inside the garage. These springs last longer than extension springs since they don’t stretch every use, which causes faster wear out.

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Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion Springs

If you want to replace the tension springs with torsion springs, give our team a call. It’s possible to convert your garage from a tension spring system into a torsion spring system.

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What Not to Do After the Springs Break

In case the spring breaks, don’t attempt to open the doors manually. The lack of lifting support from the spring makes the doors heavier. The panels may slide down the tracks and injure you along the way. Consider the broken spring as a safety hazard!

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The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

For every broken spring, you need to book a replacement. It would be best to call in professionals like us to help you with this concern. Springs are sensitive parts of the garage. one snapping spring can cause a lot of injury to you. Having a team like us help you with the issue won’t compromise your safety.

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