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The rollers help lift and move the panels along the track easier. Consider the rollers as additional support in the movement of the door panels.

If you experience damages to the rollers, the door to the garage will not open or close as efficiently. Even worse, damaged rollers present an unsafe garage. Don’t fret as we offer our professional garage door roller replacement services to all types of doors. 

Our certified technicians can repair a wide selection of rollers from various brands in the market. We offer Same-Day roller repairs in case of emergency. We are open all days of the week, including weekends, for your service calls. Our goal is to give you the best service, which includes a warranty for labor and parts. 

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Signs You Need to Replace Garage Door Rollers

signs of a broken garage door roller

Spotting roller damage can become tricky inside the garage. This is because the rollers are within the tracks of the garage. If you want to ensure fully functional garage door rollers, you need to check the tracks regularly. Take these instances as a sign that you need to book for a roller replacement:

  • Worn-out rollers which result in an off-track garage door
  • There are damages to the roller, i.e., bent rollers, loose roller parts
  • Rollers are stubborn within the shaft, i.e., they don’t roll or move smoothly
  • There’s vibration and excessive sounds from the roller when you open or close the garage door panels

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Different types and brands of rollers are available for purchase. Various brands manufacture rollers for all kinds of doors to the garage.

Plastic Rollers

plastic garage door rollers

Plastic garage door rollers come as the most standard type of roller for all garages. However, plastic rollers don’t have ball bearings in their mechanism, which makes door movement less efficient.


Plastic rollers are the most affordable and standard rollers available in the market.


The absence of a ball bearing wears out the roller faster than the nylon and steel alternatives.

Steel Rollers

steel garage door rollers

Steel garage door rollers have a steel component in the wheels and ball bearings in their mechanism. As a result, these rollers are more durable than the standard plastic rollers.


Steel rollers have ball bearings and can provide more support for heavy door material.


Steel rollers can sometimes produce noise due to the movement of the door panels along the tracks.

Nylon Rollers

nylon garage door roller

Nylon garage door rollers are one of the best types of rollers for all garage owners. Nylon rollers don’t corrode over time and can support heavy loads of door panels. You can also purchase nylon rollers with various numbers of ball bearings.


Nylon rollers have a silent operation and barely produce any noise when you move the door panels along the tracks.


Nylon rollers are more expensive than steel and plastic rollers.

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