Regardless of how sturdy the material of your garage door is, it can still be seriously damaged. If your door endures an accident or strong impact, the panels may break. If not, your garage door will weaken over time. Its surface can become corroded, scratched, or dented.

If your door becomes seriously damaged, you can either opt to replace the panels or the entire door. Know more about your options in this article. Usually, damages to garage doors don’t affect the entire door. If you accidentally backed your car into the door, only the bottom panels become distorted. In that case, you only have to replace those defective garage door panels.

Elite Garage Door Repair consists of certified technicians who can replace your flawed panels. We work with many known brands so we can find the most suitable panel replacement for your door. Call us anytime you need our garage door panel replacement service. We are open 7 days a week so you can contact us even on weekends without worrying about additional fees. We also offer a labor and parts warranty for your assurance.

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Different Garage Door Panel Damages

Your garage door panels can suffer from either natural deterioration or accidents. They may bend, break, or become dented due to various reasons.

Bent panels can result from strong impacts such as debris. Garage door panels can also bend if you have an off-track roller and you forced your door to open or close.

If the impact is strong, your panels will not just dent but break. Severe accidents can also leave your garage door panels in bad shape. Common causes include when your car crashes into your door or when a tree falls.

Minor impacts can dent your panels. This includes weak collisions from sports balls, rocks, and solid precipitation like hails and sleets.

Weather conditions can cause your metal garage door panels to rust. Rain and moisture in the air can cause your door to oxidize and rust. If you have old garage door panels, corrosion may be more evident.

Replacement vS Garage Door Replacement

If you notice that your garage door panels are in need of repair, don’t immediately jump to garage door replacement. Assess the extent of the damage first and determine how many panels are affected.

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Panel replacement is a cost-effective solution to a damaged panel. In this method, you only have to replace the panels that are impaired and not the entire door. Hence, it will cost less.

Garage door panel replacement is not an easy task. If you don’t have the expertise to do this chore, you should hire a garage door technician. If you try to replace your panels on your own, you’ll end up with a poorly installed garage door. 

Call Elite Garage Door Repair so that we can replace your door panels for you. Our professional technicians have the right tools and expertise to perform panel replacement efficiently and correctly. 

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In case the damage is so severe that it affects almost your entire door, garage door replacement is necessary. In this event, replacing your garage door is the more practical option.

Here are the reasons why you need garage door replacement instead of a panel replacement:

  • When all of the panels have been damaged
  • If most of the panels are damaged, and panel replacement will cost more than changing the entire door.
  • When your garage door model has been discontinued and there are no longer  parts available
  • When you want to upgrade your door and insulate it
  • When your door is too old and deteriorated