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Manually opening and closing your garage door can be exhausting and inconvenient. That’s why you need a garage door opener to make operating your garage door hassle-free. If you’re planning to install a garage door, you should look for a reliable garage door company. A malfunctioning or non-operating garage door opener will only make your life frustrating.

All parts of your garage door opener should be in mint condition for the system to function properly. If any hardware part becomes damaged, you’ll end up with a faulty garage door opener. Luckily, Elite Garage Door Repair can deal with most garage door openers. We can resolve an extensive range of garage door problems and needs including broken gears, malfunctioning sensors, chain and belt replacement, and garage door opener reprogramming. 

Aside from repair, we also do garage door opener installation of many well-known brands like Liftmaster. We can install new door openers for newly established garages and replace an old unit with a newer and better one. If you need a prompt garage door opener repair or installation, our certified technicians can provide you with same-day service. We will also provide you with a labor and parts warranty for your insurance.

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Most of the time, you don’t need to replace your entire door opener unit. Instead, you only need a garage door opener repair or parts replacement. Listed below are some problems which can be solved by a repair service rather than a unit replacement.

  • Broken gear
  • Damaged Motherboard
  • Damaged sensors or lack thereof
  • A loose or broken chain

A damaged wall keypad or remote control, or both.

Garage door opener installation service

In other instances, a new garage door opener installation is practical and necessary. Start canvassing for your replacement garage door opener if you encounter any of the following issues:

  • The damage to your door opener is no longer remediable.
  • There are no replacement sensors and hardware parts available for your garage door.
  • You don’t have garage door sensors and we don’t work with your door opener brand.
  • You want to upgrade to a garage door opener unit with better and smarter features, such as WiFi, battery backup, and a camera.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Garage door opener problems are common, especially if your unit is old. These issues are usually an indication that you need to maintain or repair your garage door opener unit to restore its operation.

If your garage door keeps reversing back up or does not close entirely, your garage door opener sensors may be at fault. There could be obstructions on the path, debris on the sensors, or improper installation.  Another possible cause of the problem is the close limit switch. Its setting might need to be adjusted for your garage door to close completely. 

Broken gears, a loose or broken chain, and unlubricated garage door opener parts can cause your unit to create grinding noises.

The wireless operation of your garage door opener is possible due to the communication of the transmitter (garage door keypad or remote) and receiver (garage door opener). If the former is damaged or has faulty programming, your door opener won’t operate your garage door.

The opener reversing feature is another common site of issue. Make it a habit to conduct a garage door safety check to see if your garage door reverses when there is an obstruction on the way. Having a defective opener reversing feature can put your family and pets at risk.

When you pull down the garage door emergency release handle, your door opener will be disengaged. Consequently, your garage door won’t open using the automatic door opener. Unless you reconnect your garage door opener, you can only operate your door manually.

Our Garage Door opener Repair Best Practices

chain drive garage door opener

Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener

As you can guess from its name, a chain-driven garage door opener operates using a chain. This metal chain, similar to a bicycle chain, is what pushes and pulls a trolley to move the garage door.

Advantages of a Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

  • Chain-driven garage door openers are the most affordable option
  • It is highly reliable and has the least chance of breaking down
belt drive garage door opener

Belt-Drive Garage Door Opener

Instead of a metal chain, a belt made of rubber, fiberglass, or polyurethane is what moves the trolley in a belt-driven garage door opener. 

Advantages of a Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Dependable and low maintenance
wall mount garage door opener

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

A wall mount door opener is alternatively known as a Jackshaft garage door opener. Unlike the two mentioned above, this type of door opener is mounted on the side of the garage door and doesn’t connect to a trolley. Instead, it connects directly to the torsion tube to raise or lower your garage door. 

A Jackshaft garage door opener is mainly installed in commercial garage doors and residential high lift garage doors.

In choosing a garage door opener, you should consider its price, reliability, and operation. Additionally, you should contact a dependable technician to properly install your door opener. Call Elite Garage Door Repair  for same-day garage door opener repair and installation.

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